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Current Edition
Sixth Edition
June 2016

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Table of Contents and Preface+

Table of Contents (word file)


The Regional Construction Standards 
Administrative Structure
Want to Get Involved?
Important Notices
Use of Professional Engineer’s Seal

Division 1 - General Provisions+

Section 101 - Definitions of Terms  (Word File)

I. General Definitions 

Section 102 - Bidding Requirements and Conditions  (Word File)

I. Invitation for Bids
II. Instructions to Bidders
III. Bid Form
IV. Bid Bond
V. Questionnaire
VI. Certification Regarding Debarment
VII. Certification of Compliance with Immigration Laws and Regulations

Section 103 - Award and Execution of Agreement (Word File)

I. Award and Execution of Agreement
II. Notice of Award
III. Agreement
IV. Performance Bond
V. Payment Bond
VI. Notice to Proceed
VII. Notice of Intent to Award

Section 104 - Scope of Work   (Word File)

I. Intent of Agreement
II. Amending and Supplementing Contract Documents
III. Explorations and Reports
IV. Underground Facilities
V. Subsurface Conditions
VI. Site Security
VII. Clean-up, Disposal and Restoration

Section 105 - Control of Work   (Word File)

I. Reuse of Contract Documents
II. Copies of Contract Documents
III. Contract Documents
IV. Shop Drawings and Submittals
V. Record Drawings
VI. Access to Project
VII. Surveys and Reference Points
VIII. Working Hours
IX. Project Coordination
X. Supervision
XI. Uncovering Work
XII. Removal of Unacceptable Work
XIII. Substantial Completion
XIV. Use of Completed Portions
XV. Final Inspection
XVI. Claims
XVII. Engineer's Status
XVIII. Documentation of Preconstruction Conditions
XIX. Notice to Comply Order
XX. Stop Work Order

Section 106 - Control of Material  (Word File)

I. Tests and Inspections
II. Labor, Materials and Equipment
III. Work by Owner 

Section 107 - Legal Relations & Responsibility to the Public   (Word File)

I. Permits and Regulations
II. Land, Easements, and Rights-of-Way
III. Protection of Work, Property & Persons
IV. Environmental Stipulations
V. Temporary Facilities
VI. Emergencies
VII. Warranty and Guarantee
VIII. Opening Sections of Projects to Traffic
IX. No Waiver of Legal Rights

Section 108 - Prosecution and Progress of Work  (Word File)

I. Patent Fees and Royalties
II. Taxes
III. Notice to Proceed
IV. Pre-Construction Conference
V. Construction Progress Schedule
VI. Subcontracts
VII. Commencement and Prosecution of Work
VIII. Suspension of Work
IX. Termination of Agreement
X. Liquidated Damages
XI. Separate Contracts by Owner
XII. Indemnification

Section 109 - Measurement and Payment  (Word File)

I. Measurement and Payment Procedures
II. Change Orders and Field Orders
III. Change Order Form
IV. Application for Payment
V. Escrow Agreement
VI. Affidavit of Payment of Claims
VII. Certificate of Substantial Completion
VIII. Statement of Surety Company
IX. Contractor's Release
X. Manhole/Structure Protective Coating Post Installation Certification
XI. Standard Bid Items and Units

Section 110 - Special Provisions 

Division 2 - Products and Materials+
Division 3 - Roadway Construction+
Division 4 - Miscellaneous+
Division 5 - Incidental Construction+
Division 6 - Landscaping+
Division 7 - Traffic Control Devices+
Division 8 - Water and Wastewater Utilities+
Standard Details+

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