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Fifth Edition
December 2010

The Regional Construction Standards is a reference manual of uniform construction standards for improvements in public rights-of-way. The Regional Construction Standards address "horizontal" improvements and those involving the major elements of roadways, drainage and utilities (water distribution and wastewater collection). These documents are intended to accommodate most of the typical construction projects in the region and support the majority of issues the communities face in building minor roads and utilities. Additional specifications and standard details, along with improvements to earlier versions, will be an ongoing effort.


Calling Consultants, Contractors, Vendors

A Focus Group session will be held sometime in January-March 2016 to provide review comments on the upcoming new edition. This Focus Group session is for Consulting Engineers, Contractors and Vendors who provide goods and services for improvements in public rights of way in Hampton Roads. The session will be held at HRPDC and the date and time will be identified in the future. Interested individuals should email Bob Sciacchitano at SciacchitanoR@CDMSmith.com

Large Diameter Focus Group

A focus group committee has been working on modifications to 800 Sections to expand the allowable pressure pipe diameters from 16 –inches to 36-inches and gravity sewers from 18-inches to 24-inches. Their work will be incorporated into appropriate draft sections of the 6th Edition which is scheduled for publication in July 2015. Many thanks to the committee members who donated their time and expertise.

6th Edition Review Schedule (Revised as of May 2015)

The Technical Review Committee and our consultant are in the process of drafting a new edition (6th). The newly revised schedule of activities identifies when the various sections of the document will be reviewed by the TRC. Interested parties may provide suggestions for improvements by using the Proposed Revision form and sending their suggestions to our consultant at least one month prior  to the schedule section review. The publication of the 6th Edition has been delayed to better coordinate with the upcoming new edition of the VDOT “Road and Bridge Specifications”, resulting in a more comprehensive and compatible, document.